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Donatello, Michelangelo, and now, with FIMO Kids Form & Play, your child’s name will go down in sculpture-making history.

Okay, so maybe they won’t become world-renowned artists straight off the bat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t feel like they are during arts and crafts time. Staedtler‘s modeling clay and play packs come with everything kids need to stretch their creativity and imagination to all types of faraway places, including FIMO Kids Princess Form & Play’s enchanted realm.

The Princess pack, as well as every product on the Form & Play line, contains four colors of FIMO kids clay blocks, which is enough to mold two princesses and their props and accessories, a modeling stick, and a package that opens up to a 12-inch play background scene to encourage old-fashioned play once the clay masterpieces are done. With a big purple castle, beautiful pony, horse and carriage that gallops in the distance, as well as flowers and rolling green hills that the background scene illustrates, kids will definitely put their works of art to use in no time.

But, before the play begins, kids must first make their mark. Upon first look, the perfect squares of clay will probably be intimidating for kids. Fear not, because each Form & Play also includes kid-safe, step-by-step instructions specific to each play pack. For example, the Princess pack’s handbook not only supplies enough clay to make two princesses (as well as some room for error, phew!), but it also goes into specific details on how to mold each body part, piece of clothing, and even strand of hair.

That’s not all. The instructions also have pictures that break down the clay squares into portions, that way you know where and how much clay you should cut with the red clay modeling stick. The stick cuts neatly and precisely, but keep in mind that its edges are somewhat sharp in order to guarantee a clean cut.

The clay colors—magenta, light pink, nude, and gold, which shimmers to add a magical touch—are vibrant and fun to work with; however, once your little sculptor is ready to put their hands to work, make sure they lay out a mat, paper towel, or anything arts and crafts safe because the clay may leave its mark behind. After the appropriate color and size is cut, you simply knead, roll, and form the piece that is shown in the instruction booklet. For example, the first step in the Princess pack is the princess’ dress. The picture blocks off two sticks of magenta clay to cut, as well a picture of hands that knead and roll it into a triangular shape. With each step, children get closer and closer to the finished product.

Once kids follow the steps to build the princesses shown, it’s time for Mom and Dad to lend a helping hand. In order for the figures to last, they need to harden in the oven. Once the oven preheats, parents can pop the clay princesses in for 30 minutes, then voila! Not only do kids have the chance get artsy, but now they get to play with their own creations on the background scene.

The finished product will be as unique as the mastermind behind it, but some play packs are harder than others. To choose the right one for you child, each Form & Play box has a star system as a level indicator; one star is the easiest level, where as three stars are the most difficult ones. Since the Princess pack has three stars and may be difficult for beginners, one of the easier level packs make a fun introduction for first-time users.

FIMO Kids new Form & Play packs will keep kids busy as they not only work hard to reach a goal, but also use their hand-crafted toys to create exciting new worlds and characters during playtime.