Fiesta‘s range of plush items is broad, ranging from tie-dye to realistic. Fiesta also features a considerable selection of sea creatures, a refreshing change from the more typical teddies, pups, and bunnies, as well as slipper boots.


Fiesta’s Peek-A-Boo Plush Penguin is an adorable, 18-inch baby penguin. I love his flappy little wings and soft, squishy body. His back unzips, and flips inside-out to become a blue pillow with a penguin’s face on it. I always like a good two-for-one, and this is a fun and creative way to get more bang for your buck and give kids something different and unexpected.


The Stuffed Crab features big, popping eyes set above a friendly smile. His bright orange color is fun and cute, and his 9.5-inch body and claws are made of soft plush that’s soothing and pleasant to the touch. Fiesta also offers a 13-inch red plush lobster, featuring similar materials and the big, popping eyes for a cartoonish and cute look.

imageWith this bitterly cold winter only just barely behind us, there’s still time to enjoy Fiesta’s ultra-soft, super warm, and totally adorable plush slipper boots. The boots have a Velcro strip around the ankle for easy on-and-off motion, and the bottom of the soles feature no-slip grip. The elephants on the toes add a fun element, and the faux fur at the top of the boots add flair to the whole look. The padded soles and stuffed ankles make these the perfect thing to slip on after coming in from the cold.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.03.46 AM

Fiesta’s Shimmer and Spark are 6.5-inch, bold, shiny, mythical creatures that are an awesome addition to any plush collection. The dragon and unicorn are made of bright tie-dyed fabric, with shiny silver hoofs and horns. The dragon also boasts silver wings and a silver belly, while the unicorn has a bright white mane and tail.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.10.15 AM

One of my favorite (okay, I have a lot of favorites) lines from Fiesta is the Comfies collection. These are some of the softest plush I’ve ever touched. Their sweet posture and bean-weighted bodies just make you want to hold them, and I also love the color palette that Fiesta chose, particularly for the dog and polar bear.