Kids love huggable, furry pets, but most plush animals don’t get as real as these testy critters.

Feisty Pets, from Jazwares, is a hilarious spin on the typical cuddly friend. Believe me, this is no Beanie Baby or Webkinz. The first series of these 10-inch cuddly friends look sweet at first. Their wide eyes and friendly smile are cute enough to make you melt. However, when you squeeze the back of their heads, they throw a ferocious glare at you, baring their fangs and furrowing their brows.Kids will have endless laughs pranking their siblings and friends with this one. (Oh, the pranks on my older sister that I’ve missed out on!) And while I wouldn’t suggest handing a Feisty Pet to a child younger than 6, there are 37 different animals to collect with their own stories and personas. I’m partial to the bunny Vicky Vicious—for obvious reasons—who likes destroying gardens, listens rap music, and chews electrical cables, but dislikes cartoon characters, Easter, and your toes. She was captured after destroying a quarter of the crops in Kansas, but definitely looked adorable doing it.

You can also adopt the second series of Feisty Pets with new facial features with Feisty Pets 4-inch plastic figures, the Feisty Pets Plush keychains, or the Feisty Pets Mini Misfits Blind Figures to keep the laughs and surprises going. If you’re looking for an interactive toy that teaches social and emotional intelligence, Feisty Pets is your best bet. The quirky range of plushies teaches kids to care for their animals—and to avoid ticking them off—during imaginative play.With several collectible options to choose from ranging from $4.99 to $19.99, I call these cuddly, yet fierce animals a steal. Having the dog Sammy Suckerpunch or the cat Princess Pottymouth peaking out of your kid’s stocking on Christmas morning is one memory you won’t want to pass up.