Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

Let it snow Feijoa + Pukeko Snowflake Building Blocks, that is.

As someone who constantly fantasizes about sitting beachside while sipping on a fruity drink, I hate snow just as much as the next broad. But thanks to the Feijoa + Pukeko Snowflake Building Blocks, from No 8 Wire Provisions Inc, I’m about to go full-on Elsa during the “Let It Go” ensemble.

The Mega Pack contains 250 colorful snowflake-shaped plastic blocks that are designed to interlock so that little ones can make all kinds of crazy creations. The blocks are available in a variety of bold colors, including pink, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, and dark blue.

The snowflake design of these building blocks is only the tip of the iceberg (see what I did there 😉). Kids can attach and stack the blocks to make 3-D snowflakes, or let their imaginations loose and build animals, figures, buildings, or anything they want. Parents can also use the blocks to help kids’ strengthen their color recognition and math skills, or even take them to the tub for bathtime fun. The blocks also introduce toddlers and young engineers to early STEM concepts. As kids grow and mature, their creations take on more complex designs.

Sticky hands and pesky juice spills can do a number on kids’ favorite toys. Lucky for us, the plastic blocks are non-toxic and easy to clean in boiling water (see ya later, mold!)

There’s a whole world of blocks and building toys for parents to choose from, but the design, wide selection, and price point of the Feijoa + Pukeko Snowflake Building Blocks puts this set on the top of our list.