Trendsetters, unite!

Kahootz’s Fashion Plates line gets a makeover this year. The new Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker lets kids design, create, and style runway looks—no tracing or cutting needed. Simply press, roll, punch, and design. Prepare to see an overload of totally chic #OOTD (how all the cool kids refer to “Outfit of the Day”) posts.

The fashion-forward set includes a purple Fashion Press roller, eight plates, 50 paper model sheets, 50 pattern sheets, an idea guide, and a glue stick. Additionally, each accessory is unique, so that kids can add a special flair to every look. For example, the plates feature go-to basic looks, as well as asymmetrical skirts, A-line cuts, and oversized tops. The pattern sheets help to add the finishing touch to a look, with sheets that include paisley, floral, plaid, snakeskin, and fur—can we get any more fabulous—designs. To be honest, my wardrobe could really use these looks IRL.

There are five different types of model sheets to choose from, each featuring a different hairstyle: a fierce sleek bob; a fun curly ‘do; an Ariana Grande-esque high pony; a classic half-up, half-down tied together with an oversized bow; and a side pony that has more bounce than a pogo stick (in the best way possible, of course). If kids go through all of their model sheets, there are more available online to download and print.

Once kids choose their plate and pattern sheet, they open the plate, place the sheet, and securely fold it closed. Then, they insert it in the Fashion Press and roll the handle to move the plate all the way through it. For the best results, designers should hold the end of the plate and guide it as it moves through so that the end result is as precise as possible. Once it makes it through the press, take the sheet out of the plate and punch out the cut-out clothes. Now for the finishing touch, use the glue stick to style the model figures to the tens.

The Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker is a fun and easy way for little fashionistas to express themselves. With tons of different outfit combinations and patterns to choose from, kids will be able to make hundreds of signature pieces. See you on the runway!