FashionPlatesBoOne of my favorite toys as a child of the ’80s was Fashion Plates. So simple, yet so fun, Fashion Plates lets kids design their own outfit combinations, add fresh patterns and colors, and show them off to family and friends. Anyone could be a fashion designer, and there were so many colors and patterns to mix and match.

So imagine my delight at being re-introduced to Fashion Plates, which was recently re-launched by Kahootz Toys. For anyone who played with Fashion Plates as a child, this product will not disappoint. The fashion themselves have been updated (thankfully), but it works exactly as you remember.

Place the two or three fashion plates (depending on whether you choose a top piece and a bottom piece, or top, middle, and bottom pieces) into the drawing tablet, put a piece of blank paper over it, and close the frame. Hold the frame in place with one hand while rubbing over it with the black crayon with the other to create the outline of your fashion design.

FashionPlates_OpenThen, it’s time to add patterns. You don’t have to just flip over the plates and use the patterns on those same plates. Choose any pattern from the back of any plate, place it into the frame, and put your fashion outline back over the plates. Use the included colored pencils to color in the outfit however you like. Mix and match patterns on different parts of the outfit—be creative; that’s what it’s all about!

My favorite update to this product from the original is that this version comes with a fashion carrying case. All of the pieces fit into this case with a double handle, so it’s a great travel toy as well.

In addition to the Classic Collection that I tested, there is also a Sporty Collection and Glamour Collection available. The more plates, the better for maximum design options!