FashionAngelsItsMyBizThe It’s My Biz line of activity products, from Fashion Angels, is intended to build tween girls’ confidence and inspire them to consider careers in business and entrepreneurship. The line is based off of the trend seen among tween girls (ages 7 to 12), where they are already engaged in the whole “make it, wear, it, share it” trend with bracelets, accessories, etc. Fashion Angels’ It’s My Biz line turns that into “Make, Share, and Sell” behavior, building a young girl’s business skills with a hobby she already loves.

The kits come in different forms to set up different businesses. Currently available is the Cup-Cakery Bakery, and soon to come are the Vintage T-Shirt Shop, the Lacquer Lounge Nail Spa, and the Bead Shop. Each kit comes with all the necessary tools for a tween girl to learn how to become a She-E-O of her own business.

Each of these It’s My Biz kits come with a Business Guide that teaches girls, step-by-step, how to set up their own business. These steps include all points of the business, including sketching your logo, calculating costs and pricing, and learning how to fill out a sales ledger. This guide is what sets these kits far apart from anything else like it. They teach girls ages 8 and up all the ins and outs of running their own business, so they learn how to do it on their own. The guide really helps kids understand the full process, instead of just playing pretend. For example, the guide not only shows you how to fill out a cost calculator sheet, but then also how to figure out pricing in order to make a profit.

The kit also comes with everything you need to get your business up and running. I chose to try to become a Cup-Cakery She-E-O, and was amazed when I opened the box. Sure, it’s got all the business paperwork included—and that amazing business guide!—but it also included baking tools and cupcake liners, display stands, order forms, shopping lists, display mats, decorative stickers, and more. All of the pieces inside of the box were decorated with trendy patterns, so it fits into a tween girl’s style (as opposed to seeming too “little-kid-ish”).

These kits not only encourage girls to be self-confident and self-sufficient, but also how to turn a hobby they love into a full-fledged business. And thanks to Bey, we all know who runs the world…