tapefittiFashion Angels Tapeffiti Desk Set includes four fabulous projects to design your own stationery and desk accessories. This set includes 30 rolls of Tapeffiti that can be used to customize a journal, folders, greeting cards and envelopes, a pencil cup, and the tape display and storage caddy. Tapeffiti is easy to use, even for beginner designers. Simply decide on your favorite combination of Tapeffiti patterns and place them however you want. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which of the bright colors and trendy patterns you like more. Tapeffiti may look small, but each roll has 9 feet and with that much Tapeffiti, you should have extra to use in other craft projects. The Fashion Angels Tapeffiti™ Desk Set includes 30 rolls of Tapeffiti each with 9 feet of tape in mini dispensers, a 25-page journal, two folders, six greeting cards and six envelopes, one tin pencil cup, Tapeffiti display and storage caddy, and instructions.