With Far Out BubblesGiant Bubble Kit, kids ages 6 and up can enjoy outdoor play in the company of some really big bubbles. Included in the kit is one 18-inch bubble wand and one eight-ounce bottle of bubble mix that makes a half gallon of bubble solution when mixed with water.With a parent’s help, kids can start by emptying their bottle of concentrated bubble solution into a bucket. Next, they’ll need to add about seven cups of water, stir the mixture, and remove any unwanted foam from the surface. The process is painless, and it only takes a couple of minutes.Once the bubble solution is ready, it’s time to make some giant bubbles using the 18-inch wand. Compared to other bubble wands I’ve seen, this one has a very unconventional look. It features two wooden rods with a thick string attached to the tops of each. The rods also sport rubber grips at the base and round wooden caps at the tips. There is also a tiny wooden ring that hangs from the bottom of the string.First, kids can dip their wick/string in the bubble solution and let it sit for a minute or two. After the string has soaked up the solution, young ones can take it out, hold the wooden rods high in the air, and then slowly pull them apart them to allow the days’ breeze to blow the bubble outward. To release the bubble, kids can just close the sticks.Weather plays a big role in making giant bubbles. A light breeze is ideal, and kids should remember to keep it at their back in order to see their creations as they billow in front of them. There are also some helpful bubble creation tips on the website, which parent’s and kids can read about here.

And the best part is, any unused bubble solution can be saved for a later date, which allows kids to extend the life of their solution and get the most outdoor play possible.

Far Out Bubbles also offers a larger, 30-inch bubble wand that’s better suited for bigger kids and even bigger bubbles.