Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. It took on a whole new meaning for me once I had kids. The celebration of love became more about coming up with fun ways to express our love for our children. Here are four ways to share the love for your family on Valentine’s Day—start the morning off with love!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

We love to kick off Valentine’s Day with a hearty breakfast with a few cutsie elements. We make some heart-shaped eggs or pancakes, or buy some heart-shaped doughnuts. Strawberries make the perfect embellishments to any V-Day breakfast. Maybe you want to make strawberry muffins, or a delicious strawberry milkshake. Starting the morning off with something fun and different will keep a smile on everyone’s face for the day.

Handmade Cards

Make a handmade card for your kids. As parents, these are the things we look forward to receiving and the kids also like knowing that we took some time to make them something special. You can add it to their lunchbox or backpack or place it on their nightstand so they see it when they wake up. So, pull out those art supplies one night after the kids have gone to bed and let your inner artist shine. You might even find yourself making an extra one for your partner or friends.

Show Your V-Day Colors

Wear Red or Pink. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to coordinate your outfits for the day. By uniting together and wearing similar colors, you’re making a statement together. Plus, it’s fun to snap a family selfie and look back on it years later.

Celebrate with Dinner

You already kicked off your Valentine’s Day with a delicious and pink-filled breakfast, so why not cap the day off with another fun and festive meal? On Valentine’s Day, we prefer a family meal, and come up with something we can make together. We also like to finish off the meal with a sweet treat of some kind. Making my cupid slushies is usually how we end the day. You can also try hiding a small box of chocolates for each kid to find after dinner. This gives everyone a fun activity and something yummy to look forward to.


How do you make Valentine’s Day special for your family?