Floor PuzzlesSometimes it’s great to plan elaborate family excursions and experiences. Other times, it’s nice to find a low-key way to spend time together, like having a movie night, or doing a puzzle.

There’s a sense of accomplishment people get when they’re working on a puzzle. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting one together with a group or individually; adding the last piece and seeing a completed picture or design is a small moment of perfection and order.

Fun For All Ages

What makes putting together puzzles so great? For starters, puzzling is an ageless activity. Babies and toddlers can put together puzzles with chunky wood pieces, and then graduate to giant floor puzzles. Older family members can watch on and help when needed. As kids grow, so do the puzzles’ difficulty and number of pieces. We’re to the point where working on a puzzle together as a family is a great way to connect and pass the time.


PuzzlesFamily Time

With cold and snowy days in the winter, or rainy ones in spring and summer, sitting down to work on a puzzle as a family is the perfect way to enjoy each other and practice teamwork. We like to split up jobs, one person taking the outside, another working on flipping all the pieces, and the rest putting together certain sections. What’s even better is that if we don’t finish it all in one go, we have something to look forward to and make it a point to carve out time to finish the project.

This is also a great activity for visiting grandparents or great grandparents. When everyone has the same goal in mind, it makes the time fly and gives excitement of who will get to put in the last piece of the puzzle!

Puzzles have been around for years and finding ones that meet your families’ interests and skill levels is easy. Need some puzzle ideas? Check out these puzzle reviews from the The Toy Insider experts!

Does your family put together puzzles?