Go Long with Tucker Toys’ E-Z Grip

“Go long!” you hear, as you automatically start running farther down the field to prepare for an epic catch.

Yes, you think to yourself. I CAUGHT IT!

But that’s right when it happens. The ball was in the palm of your hand, and then it slides right off.

If this happens to anyone else on a regular basis (Just me? Let’s pretend it’s not just me.), then Tucker Toys has the perfect solution for you. The company has just solved all of the problems I had as a kid (and as an adult) with the E-Z Grip ball, which has a high bounce and a super grip.

EZ Grip Assortmnt BadgeTrue to its name, the E-Z Grip ball offers an effortless way for kids of all ages to play with the most traditional outdoor toy out there. The 6-inch ball features a soft, but tough, outer web that makes catching, kicking, and throwing a breeze. I was even able to bounce it taller than my own height, and I’m 5’4”! One of my favorite parts about this ball is how fun and vibrant the colors are. It comes in three different color combinations: red and yellow, purple and green, and blue and orange.

You best believe that the E-Z Grip delivers on all surfaces. On top of using it on the street or grass, you can even bounce it on sand and – wait for it – WATER! There’s no such thing as “it’s too hot to play outside” when the pool is involved, and the E-Z Grip ball lets kids extend their water time with endless open-ended games, like volleyball or keep-away. Plus, the multi-functionality of this toy gives kids no excuse to not bring this everywhere with them during summer vacation. It’s perfect to take to the beach, a friend’s house, or the park.

Got butterfingers? Fear not. The E-Z Grip ball allows even the clumsiest among us to pull off impressive catches (Look ma, one hand!).



Manufacturer: Tucker Toys
MSRP: $9.99

3 Responses to “Go Long with Tucker Toys’ E-Z Grip”

  1. Betty Flinchbaugh

    The bright design of the ball is very appealing and that it helps children grip the ball better, what more could a kid ask for!


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