Did you know that Tom Cruise was studying to become a priest in his teens, or that Baboons live on the ground and not in trees, or that the Great Wall of China is only rumored to be visible from the moon? After playing Eye Know, from Wiggles 3D, an entertaining trivia game for your eyes, you’ll know all these facts and more.

Eye Know uses images of things you see every day, like politicians in the newspaper, the logo of a car, the face of a well-known actor, or your favorite cartoon, and tests your memory. Ideal for kids ages 12 and up, the game comes with 400 image cards, 1,200 questions, two dice, and one game board. Eye Know is designed for two or more people and serves as an ideal family game, thanks to quick gameplay and a variety of topics.

Eye Know Trivia Game Spread outSo, warm up your eyes and get ready to roll! Open the game board, draw 12 cards, and place them on the grid. Place the remaining cards on the draw space and choose a player to go first. The first player will roll both the dice. The colored die indicates the color of the card that he or she must choose and the numbered die indicates the type of question he or she must answer.

That player then selects one card from the grid that matches the color die. Then use the description on the bottom of the card to identify the image on the card.

If he or she gets it right, that player must face one out of three types of questions: true or false, multiple choice, or open-ended. The number on your second die will indicate the type of question you are destined to face. If you get it right you get to keep the card. If you get it wrong, the card is discarded and the next player will draw a new card to replace it.

The object of the game is to collect as many cards as you can in five rounds. The player with the most cards wins the game. If there is a tie, play another round until one player emerges as a clear winner. Keep in mind that this game is designed for tweens, teens, and adults, so the trivia questions vary in difficulty.

If you want to make the game easier for younger players, allow them to choose any image from the grid, and if you want to play with older trivia buffs, play the classic version of the game with betting chips (sold separately). Players can bet a certain number of chips before answering each question. The one with the most chips after five rounds will win the game.

Trivia games like this one provide a fun way for families to come together, while also serving as great educational tools, teaching kids facts about people and places that they come across on a daily basis, but which they know little about. Of course, kids might not know the answers to many of the questions, but playing this game often enough will help build a solid general knowledge foundation.

In the end, whether they win or lose, cities, aquatic animals, world landmarks, fictional characters, musical groups, artists, and more will start living inside your kids’ brains.