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Everyone, get ready to throw your hands in the air because Happy Salmon has made a grand return!

Exploding Kittens today relaunched the popular party game, which it recently acquired from North Star Games.

Of course, the title has been re-released with an Exploding Kittens twist, featuring completely redesigned artwork and packaging. The new look features salmon cartoons with a cheerful smile and eyes that look like the pleading eyes emoji. 🥺

“Happy Salmon can truly be played in 90 seconds from opening the box to finishing a round,” says Ken Gruhl, senior game designer at Exploding Kittens. “But you’ll find one game is not enough. It’s addicting and you’ll be playing over and over again.”

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In this loud, quick, and physical game, players are each given a deck of 12 cards. Once the game starts, players flip their decks over so that only one card is visible. All players shout and look for a partner calling for one of the matching actions — a fist bump, high five, switch it up, or the Happy Salmon (which is done by two players lightly slapping each others’ forearm at the same time). Players with a match perform that action together to discard that card, and the first player to get rid of all 12 cards, wins!

Made for kids ages 6 and up, Happy Salmon is available now in select retailers nationwide and at


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