On Oct. 16, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Elliott Park will release his second family album, Songs With My Daughters.

The album is very much a response to the world right now (production began in March) and Park created the record in collaboration with his teenage daughters: Anna (18), Autumn (16), and April (14). In the past, the girls have popped up singing background vocals on their dad’s songs, but this time around Park felt that it was time to give them a bigger role in the music.

“This album is an ear to the door of my home,” Park says. “My girls have grown up singing and harmonizing on their own. It’s a joy to bring that to a larger audience.”

Today, the Toy Insider is debuting the second single from the record, “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Think of it as a modern jingle for a classic game that all kids play.

Look for Songs With My Daughters available digitally on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and more beginning next Friday!