If you’re into the holidays, then you’re probably pretty excited that it’s July 25. After all, “Christmas in July” means that we’re only five months from the biggest day of the year for any hot cocoa-sipping, candy cane-licking, holiday movie-watching, couch-snuggling lover of all things festive and fun.

Buddy the Elf would certainly fit the bill for seasonal enthusiasm, and you know what? Maybe it’s time for Will Ferrell’s Elf to take a place on the shelf.

To celebrate Christmas in July, Jakks Pacific and the Toy Insider, the Toy Book, and the Pop Insider are dropping the curtain on three new seasonal products that are hitting stores this fall. Two are perfect for Elf fans everywhere! The third, however, is a bit of a wildcard that bridges the gap between holidays: Gremlins!

Elf Talking Plush

Straight from filmmaker Jon Favreau’s 2003 holiday classic, Elf, comes the Buddy the Elf talking plush. The 12-inch scale, plush figure recalls classic toys and comes complete with a pull-string to activate 15 popular phrases in actor Will Ferrell’s voice. Buddy features a vinyl head sculpted in Ferrell’s likeness and can sit up straight to serve as a lookout for Santa.

Elf Advent Calendar

Kids and families can count down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar that includes 24 days of Elf-themed surprises. The calendar includes 1-inch stylized figures that represent characters that Buddy meets on his way from the North Pole to Manhattan. The box doubles as a pop-up environment perfect for use as a diorama for play and display. The set includes Buddy, Papa Elf, Leon the Snowman, and more.

Gremlins Countdown Calendar

Filmmaker Joe Dante’s Gremlins is one of those films that always begs the question: “Is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?” The answer is both, and with that in mind, the Gremlins Countdown Calendar is packed with 31 days of creepy surprises that kids and collectors can discover in thee days leading up to Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The box is also a pop-up environment designed to look like the movie theater in the film. The included 1-inch figures are inspired by both Gremlins and its sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Fan-favorite Gremlins and Mogwai include Stripe, Gizmo, and more.

All of these new products from Jakks Pacific are designed for kids ages 4 and up and are created under license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products.