With all the fairytale-themed dolls on the market right now, I’d have to say that the Ever After High line, from Mattel, has to be one of my favorites. The line consists of teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale characters who attend high school together. The class consists of Royals and Rebels, who can either follow in their parents’ fabled footsteps or discover their own version of Happily Ever After.

RavenqueenTwo of my favorite dolls, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter, in the line are both Rebels, though by no means are the dolls that make up the Royals line not fabulous. Raven Queen is the daughter of the infamous Evil Queen, and destined to be the villainous sorceress who conquers kingdoms with dark magic. However, Raven is a rebellious dreamer who just doesn’t have it in her to be evil. She’s kind and compassionate and the leader of the Ever After Rebels.

What I love most about Raven, besides the fact that she’s super fierce with her purple and black hair and stylish outfits (and great shoes!) is that she has a real “independent woman” vibe about her. (Don’t get me wrong, she’s not man-hating by any means, but she also is focused on figuring out what makes her great.) She strives to stay true to herself and to find out where her own story is heading, trying not to get caught up in her mother’s dark legacy. Also, her favorite subject is Muse-ic class—“What, you thought only princesses get to sing power ballads?”—adding a little edge and making her a true Rebel.

madelinehatterMadeline Hatter is one of Raven Queens BFFs—and she is just absolutely fabulous. From her purple and blue hair and teacup hat to her polka-dotted tights and cute teapot purse, Madeline’s style is whimsical and chic. Madeline (or Maddie, as her friends call her) talks in riddles and doles out puzzles. Unlike Raven Queen, she is not fully opposed to her destiny, which is the mad host of tea parties, since she loves tea and madness, but she is also excited about what lies ahead in her own tale. Her personality is consistently happy and her dreams are limitless.

These dolls are a really cool and unique take on fairytale characters, because they show kids that it is okay to forge your own path. Many fairytales focus on fulfilling destinies, and these girls’ tales give them the opportunity to create their own endings.