Goal: $10,000
Funding Period: Until Sept. 25
Creator: David Miller
photo-originalIn an effort to combat the thousands of book haters across the country, toy inventor, David Miller created SlugBooks, a plush textbook cover adding a fun and creative twist to your basic study routine!

SlugBooks, created by a four-member team based in Northern California, is a book price comparison engine helping college students fight high-priced books since 2008. Offered in three different characters; chemistry, film, or psychology, the textbook plushies are an exciting way for student’s to mix up their old stack of hardbacks.

Looking for more SlugBook fun? follow the adventures of these huggable study buddies on twitter by retweeting the hashtag “EndBookHate.”

Kickstarter pledges range from $5 to $1,000 and prizes include a #EndBookHate bumper sticker, paper book cover, five assorted SlugBook paper book covers, various textbook plushies, and a customizable book cover created just for you! Click here to support SlugBooks!