Embrace Peace and Harmony with Enchantimals

We have all taken numerous online quizzes to determine which mysterious animal we most resemble, whether it’s in personality or physical features. I’m pretty certain I share a special bond with doggos, so I’m patiently waiting for my pup-like characteristics to appear each time I look in the mirror. Until then, there are plenty of adorable Enchantimal Dolls to play with to delve into a fantastical world of friendship.

The Enchantimals line, from Mattel, is based around a group of girls that share characteristics with their animal best friends. The core group of gals and pals include the mystical pairings of Felicity Fox and Flick, Patter Peacock and Flap, Bree Bunny and Twist, Sage Skunk (who is probz closest to my real aesthetic) and Caper, and Danessa Deer and Sprint. There are also play sets that include characters paired with a koala, a lamb, a panda, a monkey, and a flamingo.

The dolls are petite, but the size somehow enhances the adorableness of these characters. Everything about them match the whimsical forest that these girls must have somehow escaped to. Between the colorful outfits and flawless makeup, they are perfectly accented by the animal creature with which they are paired. Each doll shares physical characteristics to they’re little pals, most often in their ears.

Felicity Fox is, well, pretty foxy. Her hair is dark, but her bushy tail is a beautiful copper that you expect from the curious pup of the woods. Somehow Sage Skunk removes any stigma associated with the notoriously stinky creature of the night by mixing a p(sk)unk rock style with floral prints. My uncle once kept a skunk in a cage at my grandparents’ house, but the only similarity he developed to resemble his new pet was his musky scent. Bree Bunny looks like a scene straight out of an Easter basket, with her bright pink hair and tall ears.  Patter Peacock is just as majestic as you would expect a companion of the beautiful bird to be, with bright wings and a skirt hemmed to look like feathers.

The Enchantimals line promotes the idea of caring for and about the creatures with which we share our environment. The gorgeous features of the dolls highlight the beauty of all living things. Kids who love to give themselves whiskers and fuzzy ears in Snapchat filters will surely find their aesthetic with these unique dolls.



Manufacturer: Mattel
MSRP: $8.99

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