Ellen DeGeneres You Bet Game

If you’re a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres Show or the primetime game show Game of Games, this one’s for you!

Hasbro and Ellen DeGeneres are teaming up to bring home a new version of You Bet under the Ellen’s Games banner from Hasbro Gaming. The game is based on Ellen’s popular You Bet Your Wife challenges.

In You Bet, one player sits behind the game unit with their head under a water container. Teams will choose from one of the 100 double-sided category cards — featuring lots of fun categories — and guess how many items they think their teammate will guess. If the person in the hot seat can’t meet the number of items their teammate predicted they’d guess, they’ll eventually get the drop. The container tips and dumps water on that player’s head. The team that doesn’t get wet wins the game. 

Available now at Amazon and Target, You Bet is designed for up to four players ages 10 and up.