The Elinor Wonders Why Tonies Figure features 30 minutes of audio stories. | Source: Tonies/the Toy Insider

Preschoolers are full of wonder and questions about the world around them. Elinor Rabbit can help foster that curiosity by teaching kids about gardening, plants, and the senses (touch, taste, and smell) with a new Tonies character figure.

Place the figure on top of the Toniebox to hear the stories. | Source: Tonies

Elinor Wonders Why is an animated PBS Kids series that encourages kids to explore the unknown by asking questions, figuring out answers, and learning about the natural world. Kids can place the Tonies figure on top of the Toniebox, a soft, 5-by-5-inch speaker cube (sold seperately), to activate the songs and stories attached to the figure. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Toniebox is made of durable fabric without screens, sharp edges, or complicated buttons. 

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The Elinor Wonders Why Tonies figure features two audio stories, called “Ms. Mole’s Glasses” and “Backyard Soup,” that have a total run time of 30 minutes all together. Listeners are invited to wonder along with Elinor. When Ms. Mole forgets her glasses at school, Elinor and her friends, Olive and Ari, track her down to return them, discovering that Ms. Mole relies on other senses to get around even without her glasses. Later, when Elinor travels to see her grandparents, she learns that plants can grow in different places.

The figure is available for $14.99 on and specialty toy stores.