Whether you’re battling the Screenslaver, Thanos, or your best bud, eKids has the tool you need for the job.

eKids’ new line of licensed laser tag blasters are just what kids need to have epic battles with their friends. Available in Avengers Infinity War and Incredibles 2 themes, each set includes two blasters so kids can grab a friend and prepare to outsmart their opponent.The Avengers Infinity War and Incredibles 2 Laser Tag Blasters are perfect for some backyard or basement fun. For fans of Marvel’s greatest heroes, the Avengers Infinity War set features two red blasters with Iron Man and Iron Spider decals on the side, while the Incredibles 2 set features two gray and blue units with the Incredibles logo on the back end.

Designed with kids in mind, eKids’ newest blasters come fully equipped with three different shooting modes and accompanying sound effects, so young ones can feel like they’re right in the middle of the fight while they battle for backyard or basement supremacy. Each blaster features a secret weapon button (which can only be used once per game) and a life indicator so they’ll know exactly where they stand in the heat of battle. Three LED lights indicate full health, while one LED light means it’s do or die!Unlike more traditional blasters, eKids’ blasters sport infrared beam and hit sensors right at the front of the device, so there’s no need for kids to wear a special vest while they duke it out. Shots can be detected at a 180-degree range and from distances up to 100 feet too, so players will have to be skillful to succeed. Accompanying lights and vibrations also add an additional element to the play experience.

Looking for an even bigger battle? Each set of eKids Laser Tag Blasters are expandable, so kids can add additional units to extend their play and get more of their friends involved in the summer fun.