Skylanders productI love when toys fit into at least one of three major categories: affordable, practical, and adorable. The line of Cool Tunes Headphones from eKids is all three.

The line come in different themes, like Disney’s Frozen and Skylanders, and are perfect for kids of all ages and connect to any music. For example, the Frozen headphones include graphics from the movie, the characters Elsa and Anna on each of the ear cups, and a flower on the headband. The Skylanders headphones have three different styles based on different elements, like fire and air, and features the symbols of all the elements and two characters.

The headphones themselves are soft and comfortable to wear. The headband is marked “L” and “R” and is adjustable, so the ear cups can move up and down for the best fit. One of my favorite parts is the attention to detail, including the built-in volume limiter to protect kids’ hearing. No matter how loud I made the music, it was always controlled. When I put my iPhone on the highest volume, even someone right next to me couldn’t hear the music I was playing (cough, cough, parents: perfect for road trips and playtime in general).

The Cool Tunes Headphones are high-quality and stylish, so your Portal Master or princess can rock out to their favorite music in style and comfort.

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