FrozenMicAs your little ones—and come on admit it: you, too— are belting out “Let It Go” around your house, you can now deck them out with a flashy new Frozen microphone fit for a rock star. The Disney Frozen Magical MP3 Microphone, from eKids, lets kids ages 3 and up sing along with the newest Disney Princesses from last November’s hit movie, Frozen. The microphone features built-in music from the movie, including “Let It Go” and “In Summer,” so kids can sing along with their favorite hits from the film. The real, working mic with built-in speaker and lights that flash along to the music are perfect for putting on a living room concert for the family, or for singing along in your bedroom mirror (or for when Mom’s jamming out while the kids are at school. Amirite, Mom?)

The microphone also features sound effects when you turn it on and off, including that magical Disney-esque flourish of chimes. The microphone even encourages rocking out with phrases such as “What a performance!” But it gets better! You can also connect any MP3 player to the microphone as well, so that kids can rock out to their favorite songs. This allows for a little creativity during playtime, where kids can either sing along with an MP3 player, or just role play as a rock star. The colors on the microphone are the signature Frozen purples and blues you see lining the shelves of the toy department—and every other department, for that matter. It also has touches of glitter and sparkle that really make kids feel like they’re a star during their performance. It’s sized a bit bigger for little hands, but still maintains the typical microphone look, so older kids will love it as well. The microphone’s line-in connection stores neatly inside of the back of the microphone, so you don’t have to worry about loose cords hanging off of it. Overall, this microphone is the perfect addition to any Frozen fan’s collection.

Check out our Toy Insider Kids Lena and Mary demonstrate how the microphone works!