eeboo, Bear on BicycleI want to preface this review by pointing out that eeBoo puzzles are intended for kids as young as three, and I haven’t been that age in about 7,000 years. But even as a grown-up, I can appreciate a well-made puzzle, and that’s definitely what this line delivers. Each consists of 20 pieces that add up to an 11- by 15-inch image, and provides plenty of cues to assist in construction: Even holding a single piece of the puzzle, builders can look to match distinct streaks of color, or they can try piecing together all the smaller objects within the larger whole.

In general, eeBoo’s puzzles have a whimsical and charming aesthetic: Life on Earth stars a number of different animals in a forest setting, while Bear on Bicycle shows anthropomorphic animals enjoying a day out among farmhouses and green, rolling hills. Each puzzle has a pattern on its reverse side, and they seem cut from some pretty tough cardboard, so even if the kids in the prescribed demographic get a little rough with them, they’ll probably be fine afterward (We meant the puzzle pieces, but the same probably goes for kids, too). With their fun pictures, durability, and mild difficulty level–especially if there’s a parent on-hand to assist–these are good puzzles for first-timers.