By now, your LO’s crib and play space is probably littered with stuffed animals and rattles. While these playthings are common for any new baby to have, there are some more creative toys out there for the youngest kids that can really get their gears turning. And, let’s be honest —we all want our babies to be geniuses, right? Introducing Edushape, a toy manufacturer that focuses on creating fun, didactic toys for newborns, toddlers, and preschoolers. Thanks to this company focused on creative, classic play, your baby can now learn basic STEM concepts. 

Stackers ‘n Nesters, for toddlers 6 months and up, focus on sharpening kids’ sense of touch. These colorful stackers, which each resemble half of a cube, come in different sizes and all fit together as one semi cube (think of a Russian Nesting doll). Each stacker has a different texture and color, allowing your toddler to discover how shapes can be different in size and feel. These stackers are also fun to piece together into a colorful creation, as they can be stacked on top of each other, or nested inside of each other.

Stacker ‘n Nesters retail for $29.99. Get it on Amazon.

Next up is the Water Magic Cube, which supersedes the traditional rubber ducky during bath time and teaches hand-eye coordination. This artsy silicone cube, for babies ages 10 months and up, enables baby to pour water into one corner of the cube, and watch it pour out of the designated strainers on the other corners. Kids can fill the cube up with water, rotate it, and watch the water flow out of the special holes in a different way each time. As the water exits the cube, it will form a shape as it cascades into the tub. Baby will learn how different strainers, with different patterns, ultimately create different shapes.

Water Magic Cube retails for $9.99. Get it on Amazon.

Curiosity Cubes, for 18 months and up, are basically the new conceptual rattles. Packaged in sets of four, these candy-colored transparent cubes contain beads and can be thought of as a more simplified version of a ball-in-maze puzzle. Inside each unique cube are different walls marked with circular openings. This allows the colorful and variously-sized beads the freedom to travel around. If baby shakes it, it will sound just like a rattle, but what distinguishes Curiosity Cube from the classic rattle is it invites kids to observe what’s going on inside. Kids will be fascinated by how the beads bounce around and fall through different holes. Each cube provides a different play experience as no two in the set are the same.

Curiosity Cubes retail for $19.99. Get it on Amazon.

Check out more of Edushape’s engaging lineup here, and expand your baby’s playroom to include some of these new classics.