Educational Games: Practice Math With Count em’ Up Popcorn

When we find a game that is both educational and fun- we can’t help but share.

If you are practicing skills like counting and number recognition, Smart Snacks Count Em’ Up Popcorn is a game we found during Toy Fair that we believe is both a fun and educational for kids (preschool thru kindergarten).

Pre-schoolers are visual learners and this game teaches number sequence by correlating it to cups that are all labeled by number smallest to largest- making math easy to understand.

What’s more is that the pieces to this set also double for great role play accessories for a pretend movie night!
We love toys that can offer various play options!

This set includes chunky popcorn kernels that are perfect for little hands, nested popcorn bowls labeled 1 thru 5. Each bowl perfectly fits the amount of kernels labeled.

Smart Snacks Count em’ Up Popcorn is currently available at retail for $17.99

5 Responses to “Educational Games: Practice Math With Count em’ Up Popcorn”

  1. Barbara

    This really is a neat idea. Not only are the kids learning by putting the same number pieces of popcorn into the numbered containers, they can play other games to. I can see little one’s having picnics and movie parties with their stuffed animals and/or dolls, I can see them tossing the popcorn into the containers…etc.

  2. Tracy Parral

    I have seen this toy demostrated and I don’t get it. More popcorn can fit in the bowl that the number on the bowl. Don’t think this toy is such a learning toy or anything kids will get excited for.

    • Mia Dentice Carey

      I would be concern about it being fake food and my son would try to eat it. =/


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