Catch Barnyard Fever with E-I-E-I-Go!

It’s time to go hog wild with E-I-E-I-Go, from MindWare.

This dice-rolling game of chance will make kids feel like they’re down at the barnyard whenever they play, and two to four players can get in on the farm animal action.

The youngest player starts by rolling one die in a plastic silo that comes with the game; the die displays pictures of a sheep, a mouse, a horse, a chicken, a cow, and a pig. Then, that player uncovers the silo to reveal which animal comes out on top. Once the animal is revealed, all players must take their own set of three animal dice and start rolling in their own plastic cups. Players must match all three of their dice with the animal in the silo and re-roll any die that doesn’t match. Once all three of a player’s dice match, they confirm it by making the sound of that animal. Once they baa, squeak, neigh, cluck, moo, or oink, that players wins a point in the form of a barnyard animal token. The first player to earn four barnyard tokens wins the game! The game also comes with four ribbons signifying first through fourth place, so players can keep going until everyone earns a ribbon.

E-I-E-I-Go is the perfect game to keep kids on their toes and entertained. As a game of chance, everyone has an equal opportunity to score points, but they’ll have to roll as fast as they can to stay ahead of the game. E-I-E-I-Go offers some excellent heart-pounding gameplay and has the potential for laugh-out-loud moments when kids pretend to be farm animals.

Aside from the fun gameplay, kids can also learn and develop important skills while playing. The barnyard tokens feature different animals doing different activities: either running, skating, or hopping on a pogo stick. Through these images, kids can learn how to sort and classify their tokens in their own ways whenever they earn them. They can organize their tokens by the same animal, the same activity, or mix things up in their own unique ways. The game’s guide also features a small foreign language dictionary that shows off animal sounds in different languages. Kids can be introduced to different global cultures as they moo in Japanese, neigh in Spanish, or squeak in Italian.

E-I-E-I-Go is the perfect way to learn and grow while having a barnyard blast!



Manufacturer: MindWare
MSRP: 19.95

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