Now more than ever, kids are itching to get outside and soak up as much fresh air as they can. And now they can do it in style with these sweet, new bikes from Dynacraft.

With this assortment of rides, kids can (at a safe social distancing pace) ride around the neighborhood with characters and toy brands that they already know and love, including Barbie and Hot Wheels. All of these bikes provide a smooth ride with some extra features, all while keeping kids up and active.

The Barbie 16-inch Bike is dressed to impress, made for kids ages 4 to 8. The aesthetic is everything: The teal color is contrasted with bright, white wheels. The sturdy steel frame comes with removable and adjustable training wheels, a rear coaster brake, and a full chain guard. There are also custom Barbie decals throughout, bright pink pedals, a barbie saddle, and a pouch on the front for kids to throw in their valuables so they don’t get lost.

The cutest addition to this ride is the Ride With Me Barbie minibike, which is a Barbie-sized, hot pink bike that attaches to the handlebars. Kids can put their own Barbie dolls on the minibike so they can ride along as well.

Dynacraft, please make an adult version of this ride. Thanks!

Vroom vroom! For younger kids, the Hot Wheels 12-inch Bike is the one for them. This set of wheels features bold, primary colors throughout, giving it a modern retro feel. Little racers will keep safe control with the removable and adjustable training wheels, rear coaster brake, and full cover Hot Wheels chain guard.

This super slick ride also features custom Hot Wheels graphics throughout, including a themed handlebar shield and frame pad.

But kids will love the Rev Grip Noisemaker the most (pictured up top). This extra piece sits on the handlebar and features graphics of a Hot Wheels-themed accelerometer. Kids can activate sound effects that mimic a realistic motorbike — showing everyone who owns the road.

The Hot Wheels 16-inch Bike is designed for kids ages 4-8 who also want to get off the track and hit the road, just like they do with their favorite toy cars. This ride is in contrasting, bold orange and blue colors with a super shiny finish and custom Hot Wheels graphics throughout. Safety first: The 16-inch bike also includes removable and adjustable training wheels, a rear coaster brake, and a full cover chain guard.

The Hot Wheels handlebar shield looks like a Hot Wheels wheel with metallic spokes, but there’s a lot more to it. It also doubles as a storage carrying case, so kids can bring their own Hot Wheels cars along with them on any ride.

As summer approaches, it’s time for kids to put the pedal to the pavement and ride in style with these bikes from Dynacraft.