It’s still one of my proudest moments: I was a chipper sixth grader, anxiously waiting on line for a booth at the school carnival. Anxious because all eyes were about to be on me, watching me chuck a ball to hit a target. Whether or not the aiming gods would smile on me for those three seconds that day would determine the fate of one of my teachers—whether he’d still be sitting proud as a peacock on a pedestal, or soaked down to his socks. You guessed it: It was the dunk tank.

Thankfully on that fateful day, the aiming gods did smile upon me, and I hit the target. There was cheering. There was jumping. There was a triumphant sup nod of approval from my teacher after. I officially peaked as a sixth grader (just kidding!).

And now kids can experience this feeling every single day. My first thought was, “Are you kidding me?” I would have done anything to have this as a kid.

From the geniuses at Hasbro Gaming, the Dunk Hat game lets players have their own personal, portable dunk tank.

The game itself looks like quite a contraption, but don’t be intimidated! It only requires a one-time set up of snapping in the targets into the headpiece. Then, the person going first (according to the rules, the oldest player) must put on the dunk hat. The hat features adjustable straps on all sides, so everyone can play comfortably. Then, position the targets correctly and pour water into the tank. Now the fun begins!

The players not wearing the hat each have three chances to throw foam balls at the targets. If they hit it, the water releases and soaks the person wearing the hat. Winner!

Players can then take turns wearing the hat, and sometimes there’ll be rounds that nobody gets soaked. I can guarantee lots of laughs and fun with this one. And—trust me—each time you hit the target will be just as satisfying as the last.

Hands-down the best part about every carnival, festival, or school fair when I was a kid was the dunk tank, and now you can have one for yourself. Dunk Hat is the ultimate game to play all summer long!