It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… fish?

Thanks to Alpha Group USDrone Force: Angler Attack, kids ages 8 and up can light up the skies with a creature from the darkest depths. Resembling an anglerfish, this unique-looking drone features all the bells and whistles kids could want in a flying R/C toy.

Day or night, the Angler Attack drone is ready for action. This high-flying fish features glowing red eyes and a luminescent esca at the front, just like the real thing. There are even a handful of surging LEDs that line the drone’s lightweight frame, letting kids fly by night with ease. Kids can control the way the lights work with the touch of a button on the 2.4 GHZ controller.Predatory pilots can enjoy a flight range of up to 150 feet with the Angler Attack. This makes the drone ideal for wide-open spaces like parks and sport fields, where kids can explore the skies without the worry of losing connection.

To start, they can press the auto takeoff button to watch the drone lift up and steady itself. Even without my fingers on the controls, the drone was able to maintain its position surprisingly well. Throttles and steering levers allow for maximum control, including rotation, height, and direction.

More advanced settings let flyers adjust the speed setting, or enter headless mode. In headless mode, kids need not worry about the drone’s orientation. Using a micro-controller inside the drone itself, the Angler Attack can automatically adjust its orientation to properly follow the commands from the controller.

The Angler Attack’s durable yet lightweight frame allows it to bounce off walls and objects with no harm, letting kids fly free of worry. And when they’ve clocked in enough flight time, they can press the auto-land button and watch as it slowly lowers itself to the ground.

Talk about giving flying fish a whole new meaning.

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