PacificPlayTentsDrivingSchoolDomeTentGrab the keys, rev up the engine, and put the pedal to the metal.

Pacific Play Tents’ new Driving School Dome Tent takes a drive into imaginative play. Whether a kid’s dream is to speed down the race track, hop behind the wheel of a school bus, or simply cruise with the top down, the Driving School is where they need to be.

The light and dark blue tent is covered in wall-to-wall car action with roads that loop and swerve all throughout the neighborhood. The tent features different kinds of vehicles, such as regular cars, a police car, a fire truck, a school bus, and a go kart that travel along roads and past houses and buildings. In other words, little car lovers will rejoice as they head inside the tent and transport themselves into a driver’s dream.

The tent is about 42 inches tall and 48 inches long, which leaves plenty of room for a little one and his or her friend to join in on the fun. Another way to amp up the play is when kids add their own car collection to the mix. Whether they race their cars along the paths or take a road trip to visit a friend’s house, the activities will be endless. The vertical Velcro doors on one of the tent’s sides is a perfect way that kids can jump into the driving world. The tent also has a tunnel port, so kids can poke their heads through and play with cars inside and outside the tent. The port also means that kids can pull out all their Pacific Play Tents toys to extend their tent to all new worlds.


The Driving School requires a relatively simple setup and for any parents familiar with Pacific Play Tents dome products, the assembly for the Driving School Dome Tent is the same. Overall, the tent consists of poles that slide into specific sleeves and pockets on the tent. When the pieces are all in the right spot according to the step-by-step picture instructions, the finishing touch is to tie a bow at the top of the tent to hold everything in place.

The tent’s polyester material is durable and built with lots of play in mind. Additionally, the waterproof bottom of the tent is great for spills—because, no use crying over spilled milk—and other accidents. Kids can build their tent in their bedroom, backyard, or—with the help of the included travel bag—pack it all up and take it to grandma’s house for the weekend (parents’ staycation, anyone?).

Whatever way kids choose to drive, with the Driving School Dome Tent, they’ll be sure to do it in style.