Rock ‘n Troll with the Trolls Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone


This toy is full of sunshine and rainbows and glitter and MUSIC!

Kids can relive all the merry magic of DreamWork’s Trolls with the new Trolls Selfie Star Video Recording Mic, from eKids. The film follows the aptly named Poppy and her grim and grumpy sidekick, Branch, as they set out on a mission to save their village from the Bergens. And there’s plenty of silliness, thrills, and fun songs along the way.

With an incredible soundtrack led by Justin Timberlake, the Trolls movie features the mega hit (that you literally cannot ever get out of your head) “Can’t Stop the Feelin’,” as well as sure-to-be favorites such as Anna Kendrick’s “Get Back Up Again”—not to mention some incredible and unpredictable covers.

Kids can sing along to any song from the Trolls movie, or any other song from their music library with this adorable, pink, sparkly Selfie Mic. It even comes preloaded with “Get Back Up Again,” for instant play right away.

Kids can download the free Trolls Selfie Mic app on any iOS or Android device. Then, plug the device into the Selfie Mic via the headphone jack and get ready to sing. Kids can either sing along to “Get Back Up Again,” or switch the mic to MP3 mode. Pick any song from iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, or any music-streaming app, hold down one of the four record buttons, and lock in your jam. When kids are ready to sing, they can open the app, choose a funky photo frame, hit “start video,” and press the record button that has the song they want to sing. If kids hold down the microphone button, they will record their voices as they sing, or they can choose to lip sync instead.

Once kids save their video, they can have even more in-app fun by giving themselves a perky pink (way) up-do, adding Poppy or Branch into their video, or even changing their frame. They can also add rainbow, hearts, stars, and cupcake stickers.

Not in the mood to sing? Kids can also have some fun with the photo booth feature, or just snap some bright and inspiring selfies instead.


The microphone can hold up to four different song bites at a time, and it’s easy to record over songs by simply holding down the button. Out of the box, kids might need a helping hand from an adult who has enough patience for a short and sweet instruction sheet. The mic doesn’t have an off button, but will time out after a few minutes of inactivity.

Kids will love sharing their fun Trolls music videos with their friends and family on social media, and jamming along with their favorite characters from the film. The combination of the mic and the app provide lots of inspiring, musical play for kids ages 5 and up, and encourages positive social interactions. The Selfie Star Video Recording Mic is sure to bring glitter, magic, and music to families the holiday season.



Manufacturer: eKids
MSRP: $29.99

8 Responses to “Rock ‘n Troll with the Trolls Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone”

  1. Melissa

    She pressed the record and music button at the same time, it stayed on didn’t cut off. Returned it the next day and this one did the same. What’s happening with that?

  2. pam darcangelo

    wasted money doesnt work on android even tho it says it does so 30 garbage

  3. App doesn’t work for android thats not cool shame on you all kids cant enjoy their gift the all way

    • I just got my child one but threw the box away i need the app info …. thanks

      • Marissa DiBartolo

        The app is called “Selfie Star Studio,” from eKids/KIDdesigns


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