The DreamBella dolls each have a matching unicorn friend. | Source: MGA Entertainment/the Toy Insider

In a world full of magic, what’s a fairy without her trusty steed? 

DreamElla and her friends have company! The fashion doll brand from MGA Entertainment is introducing some little sisters to the enchanting line: the DreamBella Color Change Surprise Little Fairies and their matching Little Unicorns.

The lineup includes three 5.5-inch, colorful fairy dolls designed for kids ages 3 and up, each paired with a matching unicorn (sold separately). There’s Jaylen with Ribbon (pink), Aubrey with Lavender (purple), and DreamBella with Sea Glass (blue). The unicorns, which also stand 5.5 inches tall, have flowing, rooted hair that kids can brush and style over and over. Every unicorn also comes with a matching brush to keep its mane and tail smooth and shiny.   

All three of the DreamBella dolls and their unicorn friends. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Like the larger DreamElla dolls, these fairies have a water-reveal surprise element: Kids can reveal the fairy features that are hiding underneath a ton of glitter, which coats the doll’s entire body. The color change process to reveal the magical fairy is incredibly easy and only takes a few minutes, but does require parent supervision. Either fill the bathtub packaging that the fairy comes in with water and allow her to soak, or wipe away the glitter with the included star-shaped sponge to reveal her outfit, her face, and the surprise face designs underneath. Using the bathtub creates colorful, swirling water, but kids can also experience the wonder of the color reveal experience by wiping away the glitter themselves. The water can get messy, so I recommend uncovering her details in the bathroom or a kitchen sink! The full fairy reveal is a one-time process. 

Once the fairy is revealed, kids can dress her up with the included accessories. Each fairy comes with a pair of floral shoes, a sparkly skirt, a pair of wings, and a styled wig. The fairies’ wigs are already pre-styled, but Aubrey has long hair that kids can brush. If kids collect more than one fairy, they can mix and match accessories to create new and more magical outfits. 

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As with the other accessories, the fairies’ wings are removable and swappable. However, that means they may come off during play. If kids want their DreamBella doll in flight mode at all times, parents can use hot glue to make the wings a bit more permanent. 

Each fairy also has durable, articulated limbs for plenty of imaginative play. Kids can take their fairies and unicorns on a magical ride (with a little effort), hold a fabulous fashion show, and create plenty of other fairy-themed adventures. 

When it’s finally time for the fairies to get some rest, kids can stand them up to decorate any boring shelf. With endless possibilities for magical quests, kids can let their imaginations run wild and create their own world of enchantment with DreamBella dolls and their unicorn pals!