Growing up in the suburbs, and never really being an outdoorsy person (yes! the rumors are true! I don’t camp), I never really got the experience of laying on the grass and gazing up at the stars. My night skies were just black backgrounds lit up by the less-than-fabulous street lights of my small town. Stars were these mystical astronomical things I’d read about in textbooks and listen to on Radio Disney, but never actually got to witness IRL.

For star-deprived kids like me, or rather just any kids craving a magical bedtime experience as they drift off away to sleepyland, the Dream Glimmers Comfort Air Bed from Bestway is the perfect way to bring the night-sky into a child’s bedroom.

While most air beds are typically just meant for sleeping, this gem is meant for creating a tranquil, magical environment while kids doze off.  It comes equipped with a battery-operated light that projects a starry night sky with multi-color alternating lights to help kids ease into a restful sleep. In other words, it’s #lit. Think of a soothing starry nighttime disco 🌟 being projected from a functional airbed that can be used when camping or at sleepovers. Kids can just lay down, relax, and look up at the stars 🌟.

The Dream Glimmers light has a designated spot on the side of the air bed, away from where kids sleep—worry not, the mattress is very safe! The light require three AAA batteries, however, the bed can surely still be slept on without the light in use. The light is removable and can just be picked out of its designated slot if kids are not in the mood for it.

What’s great about this air bed, is, well, it’s actually a complete bed! It includes an inflatable bed frame with head post and an inflatable air mattress that gets placed inside the bed frame. Kids can still get tucked in, and won’t feel like they’re falling asleep on a raft, but rather in a bed 😂.

Kids can climb into their Dream Glimmers Comfort Air bed, cozy on up, and observe this calming nighttime spectacle. Is this what they call star treatment? 🤩 The bed is available in blue and pink, and measures 52 x 30 x 18 inches.