It’s the four words that no parent ever wants to hear during a long car ride: “Are we theeeeere yet?”

Sure, it’s easy to throw some screens in front of kids to keep them entertained, but after a while, even that can get boring. Have no fear, because the same team behind Game Night in a Can created the ultimate way to cure boredom during a road trip.

Dr. Biscuit’s Radical Road Trip is a series of mini games that everyone in the car can play. The game takes a page from Game Night in a Can, with 60 games bored passengers can play to pass the time on lonely highways.

The game itself is portable enough to keep in the back seat of the car or throw in a bag. It comes with a spiral-bound book that includes all the games and how to play them. Dr. Biscuit’s Radical Road Trip also very smartly features a built-in white board and marker for scorekeeping. And, it has a spinner attached to the box, so there’s no chance of losing it—or dropping it to forever lose it under the seat, AKA an endless abyss.

To play, there are six categories with 10 games each: Everlasting Games, ones that last the entire car ride; Logical Games, ones that challenge players to use their noggins; Ridiculous Games, which are straight up silly; Games for Humanity that encourage positivity; Creative Games, which make players think outside of the box; and Games Outside the Car, because the fun doesn’t have to stop at pit stops. Choose a game within the category randomly, use the spinner to choose one, or do whatever you want! The world is your oyster!

The series of games are as creative as they can get. One of my favorites is called Cat Calls, in which players have to call a friend and get him or her to meow, but the catch is that you have to do so only by meowing yourself. Compliments to the Jeff is also an instant fave. Part of the game description reads, “Jeff is also sensitive and has a low self esteem, so he thrives on compliments,” which honestly just sounds like a personal attack toward me. Players will have to compliment Jeff on as many things as possible in 15 seconds, and whoever dishes out the greatest number of nice things to Jeff gets all of the points!

The game also comes with a postcard to the White House to send you know who from wherever you are, which the exact amount of cheeky humor I’m here for. With a wide variety of games that last can minutes or hours, players can quickly pass the time during short and long car rides alike.

Dr. Biscuit’s Radical Road trip is an imaginative take on how to make road trips less lame. It’s just fun and silly, and that’s where the best memories come from.