Emilie the Unicorn Playtivity Mat | Source: Douglas Co./the Toy Insider

Douglas Co. is making tummy time even more fun for babies with whimsical Playtivity Mats featuring three new designs: Emilie the unicorn, Stanley the sloth, and Demitri the dragon.

Each plush, fabric mat is shaped like a creature, with a raised character head and upper torso. The mats feature padding that makes it comfortable for babies to lay on, as well as built-in textures and sensory objects that crinkle, squeak, and rattle.

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Parents can even match their little ones to the unicorn-, dragon-, or sloth-themed mats because each pattern coordinates with Douglas Co.’s baby ensemble line. The Playtivity Mats fold in half for easy travelling and are machine washable.

Look for them in specialty stores in late March.