Goal: $50,000
Funding Period: Until July 5
Creator: Technology Will Save Us

Moldable play dough could get an electrifying makeover with the Dough Universe Kickstarter campaign from Technology Will Save Us.

The campaign features three make-it-yourself kits that teach kids about electricity through light, movement, and sound with conductive dough called Electro Dough, basic circuits, a controller, and an app. The kits are designed for kids ages 4 and up.

Kids can mold the dough into their own creations, like a dragon or penguins, and connect the dough to the positive and negative feet so their creations make sounds, move, or light up.

The Squishy Sounds kit allows kids to build keyboards, drums, and pianos and teaches them the ways electricity creates sound. With the Bright Creatures Kit, kids can make creatures that blink, light up, and flash with LEDs and buzzers. Kids can learn basic mechanics skills with the Electro Machines Kit, which allows them to create cars, robots, and high-five machines that can spin, roll, and move.

Technology Will Save Us also plans to launch its first tablet app on iOS and Android. The Dough Universe app is kid-friendly and offers a series of stories and challenges to teach kids about electricity. The interactive mini games also teach kids about electricity and how it powers their different creations.

Kickstarter donations range from $10, which comes with a Parenting and Play Ebook, to $500 for the Limited Edition Dough Universe set, which comes with the entire Dough Universe collection and adds your child’s own creation to the Dough Universe app. Other prizes include one of the three Dough Universe kits for $40 or all three kits for a $100 donation.

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