Double Trouble

We all know that 🎶it’s fun getting into trouble 🎶 — and now, kids can double that fun with Double Trouble.

Winning Moves Games — known for offering all of your favorite game night classics — is reintroducing the ‘80s board game Double Trouble for a whole new generation. Families may be familiar with the classic game where you use the Pop-O Matic to “pop” the die and race to the finish without getting into Trouble (read as: sent back to the start by another player). That satisfying “pop” sound has been bringing the whole family around the game night table for decades — and now families can upgrade to twice the popping and twice the trouble.

Players race to the finish as they pop both Pop-O Matic dice rollers to move their pieces around the board. Just like classic trouble, the goal is to get all your pieces to the finish line first, but the journey to get there is very different.

Extra excitement really comes into play when a player’s piece lands on a space occupied by another player. That’s right: It’s time for a Pop-Off! Players each pick one of the two Pop-O Matic dic rollers and count down from three, starting a race to be the first player to “pop” a 6. The Pop-Off determines which player needs to return to the start, so losing a Pop-Off results in more than just a bruised ego.

There is also the added element of the Star Spaces, each featuring a detour wheel placed on top. If players land on the center Star Space of any wheel, they can turn the wheel to help themselves and derail other players. These elements, plus the twisting paths in the game board, give Double Trouble a level of strategy that makes it fun for the whole family to play together, meaning your older teens won’t get bored playing with your younger kids.

Two Pop-O Matics, detour wheels, and Pop-Off challenges prove that it’s more fun to get into Double Trouble!