Bild für die Haba FirmenfamilieOn many occasions as a kid, I’ve converted large cardboard boxes that once held a refrigerator or dishwasher into the puppet theaters of my dreams. I’d Sharpie on the curtains, ask my mom to sew button eyes on a pair of socks, bribe my little brother into getting into the box with me and putting the second sock on his hand, and I’d invite my parents (sometimes even the neighbors) to take seats in the audience. Needless to say, I thought my puppet shows rocked, but boy what I would do for Haba’s Doorway Puppet Theater back then.

Not only is this theater incredibly adorable, but it’s simple to hang up and take down in any size doorway. Using the included tension rod, just a few twists are all adults need to set up this beautiful puppet theater for kids. The theater’s whimsical design features fun graphics and textures that kids can play and experiment with, while the elegant red curtains can be kept closed before the show begins and then drawn to both sides and secured with ties once it’s time for the performance. There’s one main window for kids to put their puppets through, a porthole at the top for a surprise appearance, and a little pocket window on the front to display the show’s name or which act is occurring.

Designed for kids ages 1 and up, the Doorway Puppet Theater is the perfect way to spark creativity and imaginative play among kids and family members. With its convenient design, an impromptu show can be put on after school, on Sunday mornings, or right before bedtime. Kids can make their own puppets and use their favorite dolls, or choose from any of Haba’s puppets. The Kasper Glove Puppet and the Crocodile Glove Puppets are perfect for small hands and add a cute little addition to puppet stage productions. Kids can wiggle each plush puppet’s arms and give another puppet a big hug! The Doorway Puppet Theater is machine washable and rolls up for easy storage and travel. (Coming for you, Grandma!)

Loving this Doorway Puppet Theater from @habausa! C’mon, how cute are those #puppets?! #happywednesday #puppetshow #toys

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