When a game involves a blindfold and (faux) poop, you already know it’s going to be a stinkin’ good time.

Hasbro Gaming introduces Don’t’ Step In It!, where the object of the game is quite simple: do not step in the poop!

To set the scene, picture yourself in your backyard. Your dog Fido had a lot of fiber today and is currently littering the yard with his business (bad Fido!). And now you are challenged to walk across the whole backyard, blindfolded, with the goal of not stepping in Fido’s doo doo. Think you can handle it?

Now, back to reality. Don’t Step In It includes a plastic game mat that looks like backyard lawn, a blindfold, four cans of non-toxic compound (AKA Play-Doh), a plastic poop mold, and a spinner.

Before you play, there is a little bit of poop preparation needed, as kids create the poopy piles using the Play-Doh and plastic mold (sadly, there is no pooping dog named Fido included). Kids can create eight total poops in light and dark brown and place them randomly around the game mat. 

Now it’s go time! Everyone must take their shoes and socks off and stand at the end of the mat (do not step on the mat until your it is turn). When it’s your turn, you must put the blindfold on, and have another player spin the spinner for you. The number the spinner lands on determines the amount of steps you’ll take on the mat. Can you make it to the end of mat without stepping in the poop? You better hope so! The spinner may also land on a poop icon, which prompts the remaining players who are not blindfolded to add a poop, remove a poop, or rearrange the poops while you’re taking your steps on the game mat. Chances are, your foot is going to encounter one of the poops, no matter how hard you tried to memorize the game mat before putting on the blindfold.

Once you reach the end of the mat, count how many poops your foot touched (yes, even if you only tap the poop lightly with your foot, it counts!).  Then the next player goes. In between turns, you can place the poop back in the mold if it lost it’s form when you or someone else stepped in it. Gotta keep that poop on point!

The winner is the person who pranced through the least number of poops! Congrats, you are now a profesh poop dodger! May this good fortune carry into your everyday life. 

Also, there is a single-player variation (which for me and all my fellow only children out there — this is a win!). To play solo, all you have to do is make sure you spin the spinner before putting the blindfold on and make necessary poop arrangements such as adding, removing, rearranging. Then challenge yourself! Take the walk of poop to the end.

Don’t Step In It is a quick-paced, super silly game that will have the whole family laughing, while also teaching kids some basics in counting. The plastic mat may stick to your feet a bit as you take some steps, so be ready to reset after each player takes a turn. Kids will love molding the poops over and over again, and LOLing as everyone gets a foot full of the squishy brown dough. Gross is in this year, so be prepared for games like this to become the new normal at your next family game night.

Now if you could excuse me, I have to wipe the poo off my foot.