Kids are never too young to start learning through play, and the Dolce Kangaroo is the perfect playtime buddy for infants to enjoy!

This soft plush kangaroo from Magformers is seated, measuring about 1 foot tall. All of the durable kangaroo’s features are embroidered, which makes it safe for babies and kids of all ages.

Every inch of the kangaroo is packed with something for kids to explore, including different fabric types, textures, and more. One of its feet has a plastic ring attached, the other foot has a peep door that opens to reveal a mirror, its hands attach to each other with velcro, and its nose has a squeaker inside.

Another notable feature is the removable baby in the kangaroo’s pouch! It is made of softer material and functions as a rattle, with a bell inside. Kids can enjoy playing with the baby and using their fine motor skills to take the baby out of the pocket and put it back in. And these are just some of the features to explore — the diagram above gives a full look at the different ways kids can interact with this plush.

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As kids play with and explore the features of this kangaroo, they will practice dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and sound recognition. Some parts, such as the plastic ring, are even great for teething! The kangaroo’s size and the fact that it can sit on its own also make it a great option for safe, self-directed play.

Even as kids get older, this cuddly kangaroo is likely to remain a favorite friend for bedtime and imaginative play!