The latest additions to Build-A-Bear’s Doctor Who collection. | Source: Build-A-Bear

Daleks may be the thing of nightmares, but the new plush Daleks from Build-A-Bear might just be a dream come true.

Last year, Build-A-Bear launched a Doctor Who collection with a new bear (complete with two hearts!), along with the Thirteenth and Tenth Doctor’s costumes. This year, it’s continuing to grow with a Dalek plush, the Eleventh Doctor Costume & Sonic Screwdriver Set, and Tenth Doctor Costume & Sonic Screwdriver Set.

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I am not entirely convinced that the picture above isn’t David Tennant. The new version of the Tenth Doctor’s costume features a brown suit, a coat, glasses, and sneakers. The Eleventh Doctor’s look is complete with red suspenders, a red bowtie, and a fez (because we all know fezzes are cool). Each comes with a sonic screwdriver that plays sounds when you press it and fits comfortably on the bear’s wrist. If Daleks in the show were as soft and cuddly as their plush counterpart, we might just be fine with them taking over the world.

The Build-A-Bear Doctor Who collection is available exclusively on Build-A-Bear’s website. Yes, kids can take the bears home in a Tardis (it’s bigger on the inside!).