Warmer weather is right around the corner, and Blue Orange Games’ extensive Djubi collection provides a fun twist on a classic outdoor activity: playing catch.

The line includes a variety of games for different ages and skill levels that all utilize djubi balls, which are balls that have a stretchy loop attached to them, that players use to launch the ball slingshot style, instead of tossing it.

The most straightforward game in the line is Slingball Classic, which is designed for kids ages 8 and up (but certainly challenging enough for teens and adults to enjoy). This set comes with two handheld nets — basically a cross between a tennis racket and a butterfly net — and two foam djubi balls. On the top of each net, there is a small notch that players use to launch the balls: Simply place the elastic loop into the notch, pull back on the ball, aim, and let it fly. The other player attempts to catch the flying djubi with their net, then takes a turn at launching the ball back. This is a great cooperative exercise, as both the launcher and catcher have to use coordination and spatial skills to pull off a successful back-and-forth interaction.

There are other Slingball variations available, too, to suit your summer style. Slingball Night Flight features light-up nets and rubber, light-up djubi balls for nighttime play. Slingball Splash is made for the pool, the beach, or anywhere with water. It comes with djubi balls that soak up water for a splash with each catch.

For younger kids, BlueOrange offers easier versions of the game. Slingball Junior, for kids ages 5 and up, has smaller pieces, a looped handle for a better grip, and a larger net to make catches a bit easier. For kids ages 6 and up, there’s Slingball Freestyle, which is a slightly smaller and lighter version of Slingball Classic.

If you’re in search of a version for more than two players, look no further than Dartball. This djubi game is more akin to darts or horseshoes and makes for a fun group activity at backyard parties or in the basement on a dreary day. It comes with a mesh, pop-up target that’s easy to set up; six djubi balls; and two launchers (without nets). Each player (or team) takes turns launching three balls into the target from about 20 feet away. The first team or player to get to 500 points wins the game, but there’s a catch. You must score EXACTLY that number to win the game. The game comes with a dry-erase scoreboard to help keep track.

All of the djubi products have a learning curve as players figure out exactly how to aim and launch the balls. Be sure to practice in a fairly open space and always aim the djubi balls away from other people. Even though the balls are fairly soft, you wouldn’t want to take one to the face.

Overall, these games are a unique option for outdoor play, encouraging kids, teens, and families to get outside and moving together.

To discover even more djubi products (or if you need replacement balls), visit djubi.com.