Move over King Trollex — There’s a new Techno Troll in the house!

With the DJ Trollex Party Mixer from eKids, kids ages 3 and up can get the party started and mix their own music. The mixer is inspired by the new movie Trolls World Tour, specifically the first five minutes, during which time King Trollex — the leader of the Techno Trolls — performs a rendition of Daft Punk’s “One More Time” for a dance party (check it out in the video below!).

While this toy has a simple concept (press buttons, make music), it is packed with ways to create and customize. The board features six “FX” buttons that kids can use in three different modes: Rhythm (beats and melodies), SFX (sound effects), and Speech (phrases from Trolls characters). Kids can use these buttons to layer sounds and melodies, adjust the music volume and speed with slide bars, and even summon a beat drop with a fish character button, just like DJ Trollex does in the movie! The mixing board also features a working microphone, which amplifies kids’ voices when they press the “mic” button, and a turntable that makes record-scratching noises when kids spin it.

With all of these features to explore, kids of different ages may interact with the toy in different ways. Younger kids will delight in hitting buttons at random to hear fun sounds and tunes, while older kids might take more time to experiment and learn the system, ultimately producing cohesive tunes. To help out, the board also has auxiliary plug capability, so kids can play  — and Troll-ify — their favorite tunes.

No matter how kids make music with this board, they can record their creations for up to a minute. An adult may need to help explain the exact mechanics of this feature, but it is fairly straightforward: Press and hold the record button until you hear a beep, play what you want, then press the button again to stop recording. It’s important to note, though, that the toy can only store one recording at a time. If kids create something they really want to keep, you should record the playback on a phone or another device.

On top of all of these audio options, the mixer’s flashing rainbow lights and fun Trolls graphics add to the experience to create an instant party mood. While there is a volume control feature on this toy, it is designed more as an element for kids to experiment with, not as a means of keeping playtime quiet. This is definitely a toy made for active, engaging play. It is sure to encourage creativity, get kids moving, and give them a screen-free Trolls fix.