The DJ Mix & Spin Studio encourages rhythm and sound recognition through interactive buttons, knobs, and dials! | Source: Hape

Is there anything cuter than a baby DJ? I can’t think of anything.

Your little one can spin their first tunes with the DJ Mix & Spin Studio from Hape. With this portable play studio, babies ages 1 and up can play the keyboard solo with one of four instrument sounds or the 18 included sound effects. Kids can choose from drums, guitar, piano, or pipe organ.

The studio also comes with background tunes that kids can play, then use the tempo slider to change the speed, add DJ sound effects, and scratch along with the black record.

Kids can create musical masterpieces with the Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio! | Source: Hape

All of the parts of this studio are moveable and interactive, so babies are working on their fine motor development while they play. Surrounding the record above the keyboard is a cool light effect that will keep kids engaged as they play. (A warning that this light effect does flash!) It also has two volume levels — a blessing for adults — so when you don’t want kids to fill your house with the “dulcet” tones of a 1-year-old playing the piano, you have the option for a lower volume.

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Plus, if you’ve got a budding Beethoven at home, there are stickers included that feature the different note names, colors, and numbers, so as babies grow, you can turn this music studio into even more a learning tool for playtime. Additionally, they’re getting an early introduction to music concepts, such as rhythm and sound recognition, which can spark creativity, as well as a beginning love of the art.

So turn up the beat and get ready to get down with the Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio. It’ll be a No. 1 hit for playtime!