snow painting

Watching a fresh coat of snow cover the ground is an exciting and beautiful moment for all ages. Winter weather is also a great time to get outside and play, and one of my family’s favorite snow day activities is snow painting!

What is Snow Paint?

Snow painting is an easy activity. Kids and adults can decorate the snow outside with color, while having fun and experimenting as you make your own snow paint.

snow painting

What do you need to make Snow Paint?

  • Spray Bottles (these can be found in the toiletries aisle)
  • Food Coloring/Dye
  • Water

How to make Snow Paint

  • Fill up your spray bottle about ¾ of the way full with water
  • Add your food coloring (I like to add eight drops)
  • Put the spray nozzle on the bottle
  • Adjust the nozzle to your desired spray by twisting the top
  • Dress in your snow gear, but don’t forget to go to the bathroom first!
  • Go outside and create art in the snow!

Making this is also a great experiment for kids to do as they can learn how to mix different colors to get purple or orange. (I do recommend staying clear of using yellow only!) Mixing colors can teach children measurements and how adding more drops of dye makes the color bolder. Please note, while this is food coloring, and thus edible, I don’t recommend eating the snow masterpiece you’ve made.

snow paintingI love how much fun kids and adults have with the idea that they can take nature’s canvas and create whatever they want. Whether it’s writing words in the snow or drawing a picture, it’s a great DIY activity that can teach them to think differently and try things out.

How would you use Snow Paint?