Do you love to attend parades and festivals in the summer? I love a parade, and the summer months usually mean parades, fireworks, festivals, and more. Standing on the sidelines, you probably need some props to feel like you’re a part of the parade. That’s where this DIY craft tutorial comes in: Show your patriotism and participation with your very own parade wand!

You can make these easy parade wands using any color combination you want, but I love showing my patriotism with red, white, and blue!


  • Dowel rod or skewer
  • Ribbons
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharpie


Step 1: Decide what you want to have as the top of your wand. It can be a star, heart, circle, or square — whatever you want!

Step 2: Cut out the shape in foam core. You’ll want two — one for each side of the wand.

Step 3: Cover the dowel rod with ribbon and add a little glue to the base and top.

Step 4: Hot glue one of your shapes to the dowel rod.

Step 5: Cut your ribbons. You can make them as long or as short as you want. I love having different colors, textures, lengths, and widths.

parade wand tutorial

Step 6: Using the hot glue gun, attach the ribbons to the inside of the foam core. Remember: You want the ribbons to fall in a straight line. Keep this in mind when gluing.

Step 7: Once your ribbons are in place, hot glue the other piece of your foam core shape to the top to give your wand a finished look.

how to make a parade wand craft

Step 8: If you want to draw anything on the foam core, use the sharpie to do so.

Making a parade wand is roughly a 10-minute project that makes watching a parade even more fun! I know it’s something young and old crafters can enjoy — and it gives you the feeling that you’re a part of the parade!