Distroller USA Cheekie Fairies

The adorable inhabitants of Distroller World have some new friends to play with.

Distroller USA — the company behind Neonate Babies and Chamoy & Amiguis — has unveiled the newest residents of Chiquity Boom Town, the Cheekie Fairies.

The colorful new collection of dolls is described as a group of “ultra-magical, irreplaceable and loyal companions that were born at the exact same time and became best friends ever since.” According to the lore, each Cheekie Fairy was fed a different color baby food, which changed the fairy’s hair to match its color, in addition to giving each fairy a distinct set of magical powers.

Distroller USA's Cheekie Fairies

Each one of the Cheekie Fairies — Pie, Pop, Luv, and Ka — comes packed with a MIM, a tiny creature that accompanies each fairy as its closest friend. When a MIM is placed alongside the fairy’s wings, a “magical” light effect is activated.

Distroller USA's Cheekie Fairies

Cheekie Babies are available exclusively through Distroller USA’s online store, or at Distroller World experiential retail locations in San Diego, Houston, and Glendale, California.

Distroller USA's Cheekie Fairies

Earlier this month, the company released an updated version of its Nerlies collection of Neonate Babies, the core line that Distroller has become known for. While kids in the U.S. are just discovering Distroller World, the company was founded in Mexico City back in 2004 and is one of the most popular toy brands in Mexico, where it’s spawned a live musical tour and a complete lifestyle brand. To learn more about the out-of-this-world characters and cuteness, check out this feature here at the Toy Insider.