ekids_ZoottopiaHeadphonesFrom Shakira’s Try Everything, to Lt. Judy Hopps’ sharp hearing (that can pick up parking violations from a block away), to the roars and rumbles in the mammal metropolis—sound sure makes the Zootopia world go ’round. That’s why Disney Zootopia Headphones, from eKids, styled with character graphics from the film, is just the right gift for every Zootopian at heart.

With Sly Guy Nick Wild’s foxy ears popping out on each side of the headphones, kids will surely be in style while adding in some Zootopia role play fun. And these headphones do more than just look great. The sound quality is great, with volume limiters to ensure kids’ ears aren’t damaged while they listen to their favorite tunes. Plus, the soft and cushy fit of the headband and ear covers will keep kids comfortable. Don’t know about the sly guy, but these headphones simply won me over!

With noise-canceling headphones popping up everywhere for adults, it’s important to remember that kids’ ears need to be protected. These headphones guarantee great sound quality but at levels that modulate to take care of kids’ sensitive ear drums. The headphones also adjust easily to heads as large as Mayor Lionheart’s or as small as Mr. Big’s fist-size skull (or kids ages 3 and up).

I also liked the attention to detail in the headphones’ Zootopian styling. Just like Nick the fox could touch the assistant Mayor Bellwether’s woolly crop and get tickled in the film, kids can touch Nick Wild’s hair growing out of the headphones’ crown, and have a laugh (after all, what goes around comes around)! Another cool element is Nick’s nickname scrawled across the headband.

And hey, why should kids have all the fun? Even though these super cool headphones are meant for children ages 3 and up, they are really great for all Zootopians at heart, people like you and me, who love to try everything.